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School Break

Wow. What a day. It has turned out to be a beautiful, bright afternoon. You may have noticed Jamesville is having an overhaul with the Town putting us all on sewers. The work is being done on Seneca Turnpike. And they are moving right along.
That being said, it hasn’t damped your enthusiasm. Many of you have started those Spring projects, many with the new Spring yarns. I am excited to see your finished projects.
I started today to work with Lang’s Street, the multi colored cotton ribbon. It is so nice to work with and the colorway is gorgeous. I am making a shrug that will eventually go to Mary. She or course came in to approve the color. There were a few colors she liked. I am using the blue as it has a denim appearance. And that seems to be the only thing she wears…
For those of you who are away for the school holidays-enjoy them! And to those who are home, but have the week off, enjoy this beautiful day.