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TNNA and beyond-

The TNNA show was a great success-meaning more yarn heading our way! It certainly was fun catching up with people I haven’t seen in a year and some of the designers for our lines here.Very busy with classes,fashion shows, lectures and meeting Jennifer from Holiday yarns for our evening debrief over a glass of wine! It is always a great opportunity to see what is new in the fiber business. The Tahki breakfast was especially nice listening to Stacy Charles on what is new coming for Fall. I sat with Doris Chan who had on a beautiful crocheted skirt that was fabulous. I love her work.
Since my return, we have had delivery already of Swans Island’s organic hand-dyed fingering yarns. The same people who make those gorgeous blankets. The yarn is luscious. And we have had a delivery of Great Adirondack’s beautiful merino fingering and matching lace weight yarns. For those of you who like lace -either of these yarns would be perfect.
More to come- But in the meantime, summer projects  are plentiful  at Yarn Cupboard. I still am working on a 60th birthday gift. I shall stop typing now and get knitting. Cheers.