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What is going on??

Rain, gas prices, tornadoes, nuclear melt downs…its enough to go to the bottom of the garden and eat worms. (that’s what we say in Australia.)

Thank God we have our knitting and crochet. It soothes the soul. Its meditative repetitive movements calms us and keep us in the zone. And the outcomes are beautiful, surprising and satisfying. These hours of enjoyment help to make it a positive experience. So what if there is a left slanting decrease where a right handed decrease should be. Or that you knit one stitch instead of purling it. You made it. It is a testimony to your perseverance and skill. So, as we continue to enjoy these beautiful fibers and fulfill our creative impulses, we are also relieving stress and calming our minds. So enjoy knitting this Spring/Summer with gorgeous cottons, linens, hemp, ribbon with great patterns from Rowen, Tahki Stacy Charles, Plymouth, Gedifra, Nashua, Blue Sky Alpaca, Spud and Chloe, MaggiKnits, Berroco and Lang. Or if you choose, continue with beautiful wools,alpacas,blends,tweeds, mohairs, silks for the holidays will be here before we know it!

As you may have heard- wool and cotton prices are rising with prices of food and gas. I am doing my best to secure yarns at the best prices possible. I will continue to strive to give you a wonderful selection of yarns with the best possible quality and pricing available.