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The busiest time of year.

How many days to Christmas?! Have you finished all the turkey from Thanksgiving? Have you done any holiday shopping? The parties are starting and I received my first Christmas card…and I have so many projects still waiting in my numerous knitting bags to finish.
Luckily there are some great small projects that should be quick to finish but look great. Our Christmasmini’s class on December 7th will have you making gorgeous ornaments from Arne and Carlos’ 55 Christmas Balls to Knit. They would be perfect gifts. I love ornaments as they are used every year and you always remember where they came from. I still have all my children’s macaroni ornaments that I hang every year. They are my favorites.
Another great idea new from Lorna’s laces is their sock kits with the new Solemate sock yarn with foot balm and soak. Solemate contains 30% Outlast which won the 2011 Techtextile Innovation Prize in the category “New Materials” for the development of the world’s first heat managing polyester fiber. OutlastĀ® technology, developed for NASA, utilizes materials that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. The kits come in four colors and the balms in four scents. We have new beautiful hat kits in Touch me and Jennifer from Holiday Yarns has new retro mitten kits which have just arrived. These all would be very welcome gifts. And there are many small gifts- stick pins, shawl pins, stitch markers, pretty scissors, new patterns, magazines and books- and if you still want to make quick items- we have all kinds of ideas. Rowan’s Winter Warmers has beautiful hats and mittens that should fly off your needles.
I think I will hunt down one of my knitting bags and finished the sweater that only needs that left front. I can start those mittens tomorrow at the shop!