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H+H Cologne- International trade fair for creative handicraft.

The Yarn Cupboard Winter Retreat and Market (which was fantastic and more to come soon!) finished on Sunday and I left on Tuesday for Germany. I have just returned Monday from Cologne from the handworks show. It was a wonderful opportunity for me and the Yarn Cupboard to see this European show and to meet such great people along the way. David Codling, the distributor of Isager, was truly my guide through the maze of companies that exhibit. Of course, the Isager booth was beautiful and Helga, Marianne’s daughter, was there selling her new Amimono book.(in German!) We should be getting the English translation by Fall. The garments are gorgeous- the book is divided evenly into adult and children patterns. The Lang booth was also fantastic as they had a huge space! The garments for Fall will include quite of few with cables. And I loved the Opal sock exhibit- not only was the yarn displayed beautifully but they served cappuccino’s! (I manage to spill it of course) There were fashion shows which included many of the exhibitors every 2 hours which were choreographed with dancers and so much fun to watch. The Denkin’s from Unicorn books were also in our entourage. Thank God they can read a train schedule. Unicorn of course are the wonderful book distributors but also distribute the Yarn Cupboard favorite, Opal sock yarn. More to come soon on all my exploits in this past month. I feel very fortunate to have gone to Cologne thanks to my wonderful husband and daughter-and it is always wonderful to come home.