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The Duchess of Cambridge….

I heard this morning on the news that the Duchess of Cambridge plans on resting her ninth month of her pregnancy, stopping all royal engagements, and knit! So, I started to think about which yarns she might use.
She possibly could use the new Erika Knight collection…especially the British Blue Wool DK that is washable and has loads of gorgeous baby patterns. The Erika Knight yarns are dyed with environmentally friendly dye stuffs to European standards. Our British Blue Wool has just arrived and will be at the Yarn Cupboard retreat and market the weekend of April 19th. The Erika Knight collection is using all British wools and are milled in the U.K as well. The beautiful fibers may very well end up on the royal baby!
Other British companies, like Rowan, are probably on the Duchess’ list as well. They have gorgeous baby books with very cute patterns. The Rowan Handknit cotton is one of Rowan’s workhorse yarns. Garments are easily washed and keep their shape. Rowan’s new Soft Cotton is also wonderful for baby as well as the All Season’s chunky. We have a new baby blanket pattern the Duchess would love in the chunky.
Of course there is Colinette from Wales….the Duchess may want to make a gorgeous baby jacket in the Jitterbug. Or maybe a pram blanket in the Hullabaloo.
Just as an aside- both Isager and Tahkistacycharles have just come out with their new baby books.( I think the Duchess would like those as well.)
I better not forget Maggiknit .from Ireland-Maggie Jackson also has great toddler patterns that would be perfect for a future Prince or Princess.
When I last visited Denmark to knit with Marianne Isager, she had just finished sweaters for all the royal children of Princess Mary.(who actually is Australian.) I wonder if Erika Knight or even Maggie Jackson might be whipping up something just for the new baby? I will call Maggie next week!