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Happy Halloween!!

Halloween already?!? Many of you have mentioned I haven’t been keeping up with my blog! So I thought I better get back to it!
Things have picked up at the Yarn Cupboard and we have been reorganizing with new yarns and new designs. Holiday gift giving is always an incentive to get back into your handwork and we are seeing some of you again who have been absent during the summer. We have noticed there is not a common thread this Fall…Everyone seems to be doing their own thing. Hats, cowls, sweaters, skirts,mitts, afghans,ponchos, baby, child, adult…And that’s how we like it! You all have your own ideas and are working on them.
We are however seeing some knitting concerns coming up over and over again. Fit and gauge.
It is important that you take proper measurements if you are making a garment. And It is important to do a gauge before starting. Some of you wash your gauges…I know there are some who say to do so… We really don’t encourage washing gauges. We just expect you to knit one. There are always some fibers that will just go limp when you wash them. If you are using a a reasonably good fiber, you must be careful when laundering your garments anyway. You certainly don’t throw it in your washer with other things, or in an agitated cycle.Hand wash, GENTLY, lay flat. Or as we do in my house, off to the cleaners…however I must ask…how many times do you wash your sweaters? Generally they aren’t worn everyday..Some people say to me–“can I wash this–I am making a winter scarf”. I must tell you, I am 57 and I have never washed a winter scarf. Maybe I should?
Once you have established your correct needle and correct yarn to use for your project, get started! But make sure you continue to check your gauge as you knit or crochet along. And measure your piece….Is it going to fit? Do I need to make a front smaller than the back? Is the length correct? Does it look like the photo?!? Whenever you are questioning what you have just done…STOP. You are always welcome to bring in your Yarn Cupboard projects and we will figure it out together.
I’ll have my broom out tonight…but will be back in the morning.