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How it works.

How LYS’ are run seem to be a mystery to many people. It is a niche business which means you have to have people who have the ability¬† to knit and crochet as your sales team! These same people have to be an understanding of fibers and an ability to read patterns and substitute yarns.

LYS’¬† need yarns in different weights, fibers, and price points. Most LYS’ carry a massive amount of inventory that include sweater quantities on many of their yarns.¬† The owner when looking at yarns for the shop makes decisions on his or her customers preferences and what is the latest and greatest with the companies we deal with.

As with any other business, forging relationships with customers, company representatives, the UPS guy, neighbors etc may be the most important factor to maintain longevity. Classes and events help to forge feelings of community which is so important to those who frequent the shop and to the people who work at the shop. Our goal is as always, to provide the best service, the best fiber at your price point, and to make your fibery experience enjoyable. There is no substitution to your Local Yarn Shop.