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Saying good bye to those who leave us.

I find saying goodbye to fibery friends is one of the hardest things we do here at the Yarn Cupboard. Some of our most favorite people have moved away from Syracuse. Others have actually passed on. I know there are always others who discover us or move into the area, but old friends have a special place for all of us here. This month we lose another 2 good good friends who are moving from Upstate NY. They have been fixtures in the store since the earliest days. These days with social media and of course Ravelry, we will keep up with all their news. But… we will miss them on Tuesday afternoons for social knitting, and at all our special events. They won’t be popping in for a needle, buying a new project that we will see grow every week, or just stopping in to tell us about their holiday.
These connections we make shape our lives and help us on our journey. Being your Local Yarn Store has been a privilege.