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Archive for June, 2010

World Cup, Carmel and Great Adirondack yarns

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

I am sitting in the shop with the TV on, biting my nails, watching the game. No matter what the outcome- the World Cup has been so exciting.
Carmel will be starting her Maggi Knits class in 2 weeks, Saturday July 10th. Carmel’s Saturday mornings will combine both her current class schedule and her finishing/help “students”. So Saturdays at Yarn Cupboard will be Carmel mornings. She will be here to help you with any project or any knitting problem for $15 for the morning, 10am to 12noon. If you are taking one of her courses, then there is just the class fee. We are all very lucky to have Carmel available to us.
And lastly, You need to see the beautiful tonal colors of Patti Subik’s Great Adirondack Merino Superwash. 4 sts to the inch. They have just arrived. Glorious. I left them on my desk all day, just to keep looking at them. We have a wonderful range of Great Adirondack yarns now, from lace, sock, fingering merino, cotton/silk, multi fiber, multi strand, ribbon, mohair, alpaca, sequins, bulky, and boucle. Come in and have a look at all the fabulous color.


TNNA and beyond-

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

The TNNA show was a great success-meaning more yarn heading our way! It certainly was fun catching up with people I haven’t seen in a year and some of the designers for our lines here.Very busy with classes,fashion shows, lectures and meeting Jennifer from Holiday yarns for our evening debrief over a glass of wine! It is always a great opportunity to see what is new in the fiber business. The Tahki breakfast was especially nice listening to Stacy Charles on what is new coming for Fall. I sat with Doris Chan who had on a beautiful crocheted skirt that was fabulous. I love her work.
Since my return, we have had delivery already of Swans Island’s organic hand-dyed fingering yarns. The same people who make those gorgeous blankets. The yarn is luscious. And we have had a delivery of Great Adirondack’s beautiful merino fingering and matching lace weight yarns. For those of you who like lace -either of these yarns would be perfect.
More to come- But in the meantime, summer projects  are plentiful  at Yarn Cupboard. I still am working on a 60th birthday gift. I shall stop typing now and get knitting. Cheers.

Sandi Wiseheart KAL

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

It was an exciting night 10 days ago when Sandi Wiseheart came to speak to us at knit night. Well-by the end of the evening Sandi had offered to do a Sweater KAL with Yarn Cupboard. She will be designing a basic sweater that can be easily adapted for different figures. Sandi will go through each step with us giving us a lesson with each PDF. The objective of the KAL is to finally have a sweater that fits!!! And once you make a sweater that is perfect for you, you can adapt other patterns to make sure they fit you just as well. Sounds great doesn’t it??
If you go to Ravelry under the Yarn Cupboard group, and under KAL, let us know you that you will be joining us.
MEANWHILE-the TNNA show is this weekend and I am off to Columbus to see what I can find to continue to make the shop interesting to all of you. You can always email me if there is anything you want me to check out.
Wonderful Nancy will be at the shop in my absence.

The Elmcrest Kids-

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

My sister Maria, teaches art at Elmcrest school. She had some yarn she found somewhere at the school and started to teach one of her smaller classes to knit. I told her that I would give the best project a prize. Well, I was so impressed. Mind you these were both boys and girls, and they all did a great job. Some had more difficulty than others, but each finished a project-
So each now has won a prize- the girl with a scarf which she managed to finally control her stitch count got a ball of Filatura Superior Cashmere/silk- The boys with the perfect wrist band in two colors got 2 balls of an alpaca/silk/georgette, the boy who managed the square face cloth got Berroco Peruvia Quick for a hat and the other girl got the new Berroco bulky Campus for a hat as well. Apparently they were not so impressed to begin with, but they are very enthusiastic now that they completed a project. And Maria has taught them a wonderful life skill. Who knows, there could be a designer among them.