Blue Sky Fibers Suri Merino

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Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino is a fine baby suri alpca and fine merino wool. This fiber is so wonderful to work with and has a lustrous feel. It is a single ply light worksted weight. As Blue Sky Alpaca writes, Suri Merino sets crisp cables and other textured stitches in a cloud of all natural softness in a perfect palette. We all agree at the Yarn Cupboard. Suri Merino is one of our favorites.

60% baby suri alpaca/40% merino
100 grams
Approx: 164 yards/149 meters
Needle Size: Size 5-7/3.75-4.5 mm

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Cloud 411, Sun Shower 427, Mountain Air 429, Dusk 418, Snow 410, Morning Dew 428, Fog 413, Twilight 423, Ice Cap 431, Haze 430, Earth 422, Dawn 412, Seamist 417, Crimson 419


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