Brooklyn Tweed Arbor

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The Yarn Cupboard is very happy to introduce Brooklyn Tweed’s new yarn Arbor. Arbor has fast become a Yarn Cupboard staple in a DK weight. The worsted construction for superior strength and great stiitch definition with 30 colrways in a subtle palette is perfect for any project. The 3 ply spin is very springy and shows textural stitch work to maximun advantage With the worsted construction, the fibers are combed straightand carefully aligned before spinning, rather than jumbled to trap air in the woolen spun yarns. Arbor garments will weight more and drape more heavily compared to Shelter and Loft.

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Lovat, Hammock, Treehouse, Parka, Kettle, Porter, Dorado, Vintner, Heron, Wreath, Norway, Loam, Driftwood, Crumb, Nightfall, Cobbler, Potion, Morandi, Humpback, Sashiko, Tincture, Mesa, Degas, Rainier, Carob, Thaw, Butte, Gale, Seaglass, Arabesque, Klimt, Fleet, Black Fig, Alizarin, Firebrush, Azalea, Spruce, Burnished


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