Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

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The Yarn Cupboard is thrilled to be carrying Jared Flood’s Shelter medium weight Targhee-Columbia wool yarn from Wyoming. The heathered shades of this woolen-spun yarn make it perfect for a more adaptable gauge. This lofty yarn is even more beautiful once wet blocked as it will bloom. The new Shelter Marls are in and wonderful! 100% American made. Dyed in Philadelphia-Spun in New Hampshire.

4.5-5 sts -4 inches.

US 7 -9.

50 grams/140 yards.

Handwash/ lay flat to dry.

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Almanac, Foothills, Long Johns, Plume, Newsprint, Barn Owl, Old World, Camper, Fossil, Button Jar, Cast Iron, Iceberg, Hayloft, Yellowstone, Homemade Jam, Caribou, Snowbound, Postcard, Bale, Birdbook, Narwhal, Wool Socks, Fauna, Artifact, Sap, Sweatshirt, Tartan, Faded Quilt, Pumice


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