O-Wool Sport

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Unlike conventional superwash processes where scales are burned off of the wool fiber with acid, O-Wash uses a GOTS certified organic compound to create washability.The compound holds the wool fibersin place during washing and drying, preventing them from interlocking during agitation which is what causes shrinkage and felting.

This yarn is dyed"tonally". Think of it as a hand dyed yarn and use 2 skeins at a time. The Yarn Cupboard is thrilled to now have O-Wool in-store.

100% machine-washable certified organic merino

304 yards fingering weight

26 st per for 4 inches

US 3-4

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Cuckoo Flower, Northern Cardinal, Feldspar, Schist, Salamander, Meadow Violet, Lady Slipper, Sheep Laurel, Partridge Pea, Wood Dove, Night Heron, Juneberry


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