Trailhead Acorn Bobbins

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Like all Trailhead yarns, the Acorn bobbins are sure to add a fabulous pop of color to your projects while maintaining the quality we know and love from Trailheads. The Acorn Premium Hand Stitching Threads are perfect for any project, whether you are working on quilts, mending, embroidery and more. These gorgeous threads accompany the fabulous Un-Kit projects from Trailheads, linked below.

8 wt hand-dyed 100% Tencel (Lyocell) thread

20 yds per each recyclable aluminum bobbin

Trailhead Needle Minders

Trailhead Embroidery Un-Kits Canvas

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Love, Crunchy, Loch Ness, Hope, JFK, Pride, Whiskey in a Teacup, Lily if the Valley, Northwest Passage, Driftwood, Barley, Butternut, Jack Pine, Adulting, Lilac, Birthday Suit, Pucker Up, Peony, Heads Up, Wine Not the Label, Portage, Unfortunate Bridesmaid, Dark as Night, Safety First, Unicorn Tears, On the Rocks, Singles Week, Silver Strike, Iceland, Sweater Weather, General Store, Bora Bora, Hops, Sorry, Lemon Chiffon, Farm Kid, Lassie, Wild Roses, Bedtime Story, Sassenach, Bog Witch, Summer Treat, Eh!, China Doll, G'day, Mamma's Margaritas, First Flight, Blue Ribbon, Third Eye


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