Trailhead Needle Minders

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Perfectly paired with the 12 new designs featured in the Trailhead Un-Kit Embroidery collection including the Welcome to Trailhead design. These needle minders are a fun way to ensure your needle says exactly where you want it when you store your project!

To us: clip your needle minder to the canvas of your project using the front and the back of the magnet and rest your needle on top of the minder.

Laser cut on Walnut plywood locally and assembled in house (in Canada). The needle minders feature a powerful earth magnet attached to the wood and a metal washer.

Size: 1.25 inch each

Trailhead Acorn Bobbins

Trailhead Embroidery Un-Kits Canvas

8″ Embroidery Hoop

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Moose, Wildflowers, Tent, Canoe, Geese, Fox, Mushroom, Poppy, Squirrel, Chickadee, Cabin, Welcome to Trailhead, Heron